I really enjoyed our second Cork Blockchain held at SohoBarCork. So amazing how much serious Blockchain talent we have in our local Cork ;)

Privacy and Blockchain

Robin Renwick presented on his research at UCC on privacy considerations around Blockchain. As part of his research he conducted many interviews with Monero users and developers, regulators and corporate blockchain architects to better understand their different priorities and perceptions on privacy and censorship-resistance.



Sean Lynch of OpenLitterMap gave a great presentation of how he is using an Ethereum ERC20 token to promote the geotagging of litter all over the globe.


Smart Contracts on Cardano

Gerard Moroney of iohk.io gave a great presentation on his work on the Cardano compute and smart contract layer, as well as other developments and milestones for Cardano, formal verification and the upcoming test network release of their register virtual machine IELE network in July.

Cork Blockchain #2

I was very impressed with the presentations, and want to extend my gratitude to the three speakers and all the attendees for their great engagement and great questions.

Looking forward to the next event on July 10th at 6pm in the BOI Workbench.